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About Us

Habibah is a colorful, exclusive bag label founded in late 2012 by Fatima & Feije. Fatima worked before as a police-officer and our label is a dedication to her lovely friend and soulmate Habiba Yaakoubi, who was also a former police-officer and passed away in 2007. Habibah means in Arabic 'sweety or my darling'. All bags are handmade in Morocco and are one-of-a-kind. Marrakech and Ibiza are a source of inspiration and beloved hotspot of the jet set. Our colorful collection with a bohemian look is inspired by the hippies of Ibiza, the colours of Marrakech and a mix of ethnic cultures.

Habibah opened it's first little boutique in the spring of 2015 in the Mediterranean, Ibiza. The collection is also sold in boutiques, resort hotels, and department stores around the world, in 16 different countries such as Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Switzerland, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Kuwait, Goa (India), Canada, USA, Dutch Cariben and of course Holland. Furthermore the full collection will be available in our webstore.

All baskets are woven in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Dwarf palm plants flourish naturally in the area, the are not cultivated, and only the young stalks are picked to use for weaving. They are laid out on the ground to dry in the hot sun during the summer months. It take hours to weave each basket in the weavers' home. The baskets are taken to different areas where local seamstresses complete the necessary work. Our baskets is sewn on by women who work at home, enabling them to earn money while caring for their families. Each of our sequin large baskets contains over 2000 sequins, all hand sewn!